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2022-2023: Enfermedades cardiovasculares – PILOTO/NOVARTIS

Fortalecer el sistema de atención primario de salud, para el diagnostico,tratamiento y seguimiento a los pacientes con enfermedades cardiovasculares, en el marco de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible 1, 3 y 5.

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2020-2021: Campaña de comunicación y educación para la prevención y contención de la pandemia COVID-19

Supported the containment of the expansion of COVID-19, in highly vulnerable populations in Bolivia, in urban and rural areas, through communication, education and mobilization processes.

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2020: Tuberculosis

The main behaviors that influence the lack of prevention, the low detection of cases and the abandonment of tuberculosis treatment were investigated, for the development of a communication strategy for behavioral change.

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2020: Comunicación y Educación para la prevención y contención de COVID-19

Raised awareness about preventive measures against COVID-19 and developed a communication and awareness campaign, through TV, radio and social networks, on COVID-19 prevention measures and virtual emotional support sessions for staff of health.

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2020: Informed Participation

It managed to promote reflection and psychological support for health personnel and they received relevant information to better face the pandemic.

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2015: Health Microinsurance

It allowed generating key experiences and learning for the design, implementation and improvement of the effectiveness of other health microinsurance projects in rural areas.

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2014-2018: Microseguros de Salud en Bolivia.

It implemented an articulated inter-institutional model of supply and demand for health care, through the development of an insurance financial product (prepaid and microinsurance).

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2013: Screening for breast cancer in women

It involved the media, with messages aimed at informing about this disease and encouraging early diagnosis.

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2012-2013: Telemedicine

Facilitated an integrated Telemedicine system (5 health centers, teleconsultation, a virtual triage center and a medical and IT team)

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